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Our Queens

Lola of Brigattos

Our Lola is a very sweet, beautiful, and curious girl. She loves all things new in the house. She has a great disposition and we really hope that she will pass her plush and even coat to all her kittens.

Lola Lola
Chanel of Brigattos

Chanel is a very loving calm cat. When she purrs it sounds like music. Chanel loves to pose in front of the camera. She loves eating tomatoes and tuna. And she loves laying on soft blankets. She is a good mommy to her kittens.She has wonderful temperament and amazing color. Her personality is very social and sweet. The coloring is called black silver shaded tabby and has thick dense plush type fur.

chanel chanel
Charlotta of Brigattos

Charlotta is a gorgeous black British shorthair female with wonderful disposition and very social temperament. She is a perfect black girl with dense crisp coat and vivid orange eyes.

lotta lotta
Alina of Brigattos

Alina is a beautiful British Shorthair female. She comes to us from the wonderful and respected German blood lines.

alina alina