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If you have purchased a kitten from us and have not yet received the registration paperwork for that kitten, please fill out this form and we will get those papers to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
Sam (Male) born Sep 5, 2017 - available

Sam is a lilac-white male British Short hair available.

Max (Male) born Aug 24, 2016 - reserved

Max is blue British Short hair male available for adoption. Amazing personality and quality. He was part of my breeding program. Price 1800.00. Already neutered. Reserved for Lauren.

Bella (Female) born Sep 5, 2017 - reserved

Bella is a blue -white female British short hair kitten. Reserved for Natasha and John.

Brianna (Female) born Oct 6, 2017 - reserved

Brianna is a blue-white British Short hair female available for adoption.

Conner (Male) born Oct 6, 2017 - reserved

Connor is a blue - white British shorthair. Reserved for Dennis.

Heart (Female) born Oct 6, 2017 - reserved

This female is a blue-white british short hair kitten. She has a "heart" mark on her back. Lovely! Stays with us.

Lena (Female) born Oct 6, 2017 - reserved

Lena is a British long haired kitten. Beautiful baby! We rarely have those babies. The fur is silky and does no tangles.Reserved for Jacqueline.

Aurthur (Male) born Oct 7, 2017 - reserved

Arthur is a blue British shorthair males available for adoption. Reserved for Nick F.

Luna (Female) born Oct 7, 2017 - reserved

La Luna is British short hair female kitten available for adoption at the end of December. Please email me for questions. Reserved for Kyle & Suzanne.

Merlin (Male) born Oct 7, 2017 - reserved

Merlin is a blue shorthair boy available for adoption. He can go home at the end of December. Reserved for Nick F.

Mikee (Male) born Oct 7, 2017 - reserved

Mike is a blue British longhair kitten available for adoption in the end of December;. Please send me email for the inquiry. Reserved for Benjamin and Katie.