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If you have purchased a kitten from us and have not yet received the registration paperwork for that kitten, please fill out this form and we will get those papers to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Welcome to Brigattos Cattery

At Brigattos we are dedicated to breeding healthy and happy British Shorthair cats that make affectionate companions as well as exceptional competitors at a show ring. Our British Shorthair cats are not kept in cages or enclosures, but live as a part of the family. This insures the cats' calm demeanor towards people and loyalty to the family. The only separation we observe is between males and females, and females with young kittens. Our British Shorthair cats like to cuddle and purr non-stop for hours at a time. Since birth, British Shorthair kittens enjoy love and undivided attention from the whole household.

The pedigrees of our cats include the lines of prestige catteries from the western Europe including but not limited to Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Luxemburg, and UK. Some of the titles of our cats' ancestors are World champions, grand international champions, grand European champions etc. You can see pictures of our famous ancestors in our photo gallery.

Brigattos Cattery has been established in 2001. Breeding British shorthair cats is our hobby. We would like to produce kittens for you, so you can enjoy their wonderful personalities and get healthy and lovely companions. Getting a kitten is a very serious decision you are about to make. A cat is not a toy, it will be living with you and for you for a long time.

We take our hobby breeding cats very seriously. We spent hours playing with them and teaching them good habits. Even our 5 year old son helps us in raising babies and helps them to become quite social. British cats are great with kids! I also learned (this is not a proven fact) that some people with allergies can get along with Brits very well. All cats came to us from reputable blood lines or bred by me. Therefore, all had been tested for PKD and FeLV negative.

We believe that our cats will bring a lot of joy to your family and reduce stress accumulated throughout the day. We do not be believe in using cages as a living space, but we have to separate males from females. We prefer not to have too many cats breeding at the same time in order to provide each kitten a lot of personal attention. Thus our kittens come well socialized and ready to take a part in a new family.

At this time we have one blue stud and three queens (lilac, blue and chocolate-point). Our former stud DG CH. Brigattos Cooper Blue Star earned his title of Grand Champion by participating in just one show. He gave us wonderful kittens and is retired now. At this time a beautiful stud from Laziblues Sammy of Brigattos is going to be our rocking superstar. We love him and are proud that he is a part of our cattery.

We breed British Shorthair cats to improve the breed in conformation, gene pool and personality. Our females will only have 1-2 litters per year. If we do not have kittens we will gladly refer you to a respectable British Shorthair breeder near you.

The Brigattos Team

Available Kittens
News and Posts
7/20/24   New litter available on the site

Dear clients we have 2 litters born recently please visit blue females and males are available for your to take a look at. Contact me at 847-848-2830.

7/10/21   New litter coming up

Dear client we are expecting amazing litter in 2 weeks. Kittens will be blue, blue white, lilac and lilac and white. My kittens very special. Home raised loved part of my family and socialized with my German Shephard baby who is the most loving dog. I guarantee the personality and love devoted to each one of them. I had some bad reviews about paperwork delayed. I promise all are pure breed and I will deal with each one of you on this matter. Life is busy and babies are pure as pure as it can be. Any questions please contact me directly. 847-848-2830. Love you all Julia.

What People Are Saying
Susan and Bob wrote:

Julia, thanks so much for your call last evening to check on our new baby Magick Merlin. You were so right, he can get up to our bed & last night he slept with us. Of course, he couldn't resist jumping at our feet on top of our covers every time we moved them & we couldn't resist playing the game! We all fell asleep with the beautiful sound of his purring. It's only been 3 days & he has made our home his home. Uses his scratching post, litter & eating well. Love him to pieces! You, as I refer to you, are the "Cat Whisperer"! Thank you so much for all your advice & being there every time we needed you. Highly recommend you & your beautiful kitties to anyone wanting to add a new addition to their family. Merlin is magick!

Kathy and Bob wrote:

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Annie and Agnes. They are so sweet and purr all the time! They bonded to us quickly. Cannot imagine life without them! They are so beautiful and we thank you so much for placing them with us.